Currently Steve offers private lessons in his home, your home or your place of business. 
 Your schedule and Steve's may be a match! Email Jen for more information at:
Q. How much are private lessons?
A. Depends on your location. Steve is saving you time, gas, tolls and Baltimore traffic induced headaches by coming to you.  Typical cost of a one hour in home lesson is 50 - 75 per hour.
Q. What style banjo does Steve teach?
A.  Scruggs 3 finger style.
Q. What is the difference between Clawhammer & Scruggs Styles ?
A. Steve teaches 5-string banjo, 3 finger style bluegrass. If you aren't familiar just think: Foggy Mountain Breakdown.  Earl Scruggs is the artist credited with “inventing” the bluegrass style.  This style consists of an up-picking motion by the fingers and a down-picking motion by the thumb; Bluegrass uses a thumbpick and 2 fingerpicks. Notable Scruggs style players; Earl Scruggs of course, J.D. Crowe, Tony Trischka, Steve Martin, Bill Emmerson, & Jim Mills. 

Earl Scruggs ~ Backstage at Carnegie Hall '62

Clawhammer preceded bluegrass and is more strumming like a guitar using your bare fingers on the right hand. Grandpa Jones, David Holt & Pete Seeger all play or played in this style.


 "I love teaching. I love meeting people and sharing my knowledge. I'm there to make people "musicians" or "better musicians...."  -Banjo Demon